“But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” - Acts 1:8

The Missions Ministry exists as a way for members of Park Meadows to fulfill the church’s calling to missions. There are two parts of this calling: Evangelism, which is sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our immediate context (Jerusalem & Judea), and Missions, which is sharing the Gospel outside our immediate context (Samaria). PMBC is proud to be part of spreading the Good News around the world. We're active in sending missionaries and supporting missionaries with not only our money but with our prayers, too. We encourage all of our people to respond to God’s call for laborers, whether it be in a foreign country or the streets where we live.

To reach our Samaria, Park Meadows Baptist Church financially and prayerfully supports:

Ben & Ashley Anglea | Madagascar
Pat & Mary Cassidy | Malawi
Garry & Michelle Castner | Botswana
Doug & Amanda Claypool | Sao Tome
Doug & Beverly Hammett | South Africa
Mark & Sabrina Holmes | Nigeria
Gregg & Angela Schoof | Rwanda
Andy & Jill Schultz | Zambia
Brian & Cheri Stensaas | Uganda
Jerry & Debbie Wilhite | South Africa
Jerry & Rachel Wyatt | Tanzania

Vito & Khegholi Aomi | India
Wangrai & Michele Ngonamai | India
Chantha & Susan Chhim | Singapore
Lomer & Grace Dela Cruz | Cambodia
Bunthon & Sokhen Eng | Cambodia
Ferdie & Jeannie Flores | East Timor
Fundamental Baptist World Missions | Russia
Ronald & Simonette Gutlay | Thailand
Ahmet & Rachael Hernandez | Thailand
Ken & Nancy Lalman | China
Jeff & Theresa Lange | Thailand
Paul & Sarah LeClercq | Guam
Timothy Mang | Myanmar
Rick & Becky Martin | Philippines
Bro. Moses | Myanmar
Don & Ruth Ossewaarde | Russia
Bruce & Jeannie Rice | Philippines
Emmanuel & Aivie Sinoy | Burma
Daniel & Peki Thang | Myanmar
Tommy & JoAnn Tillman | Thailand & Mongolia

David & Joanne Divakar | Australia
Larry & Betty Parshall | Australia

Marty & Masey Arnold | Denmark/Greenland/The Faroe Islands
Clare & Linda Baughman | France
Dwayne & Rachael Buker | Spain
Dan & Beth Canavan | Ireland
Kent & Andrea Gossmeyer | England
Daniel & Judith Irvin | Romania
Brian & Lisa Johnson | Lithuania
Mike & Jen Peters | Spain
Mark & Lydia Priem | Ukraine
John & Emilie Rettig | Czech Republic
Paul & Jolie Sock | Poland

Ryan & Lauri Bickel | Costa Rica
Dale & Lora Briley | Costa Rica
Bruce & Ann Moore | Nicaragua
Barry & Lisa Ritchie | Honduras

John & Donna Bishop | Triple S Christian Ranch/God is So Good Ministries
Bill Cash | Amazing Grace Mission
Dr. David Gibbs Jr. | Christian Law Association
Crisis Pregnancy Center of Lincoln, IL
Lois Dungan | Deaf Ministry
John & Paula Gardner | Amazing Grace Mission
Milton & Frances Martin | Missionary Ministries & Mexico
Jerry McDonald Jr. | Calvary Boys’ Ranch
Michael & Charity Payton | B.E.A.M.S. Bible Ministry
Evangelist Bryan Sharp
Dave & Shonna Smith | Circle C Ranch
Randy & Kay Tharp | Rock of Ages Prison Ministry
Ron Williams | Hephzibah House

Adrian & Krystal Ferrari | Argentina
Brian & Liesl George | Argentina
Peter & Zirlene Doolittle | Brazil
Robert & Ruth DoolittleBrazil
Jonathan & Stephanie Hernandez | Amazon Basin
Michael & Michelle Leonard | Amazon Basin
Paul & Celeste Rose | Peru

Allen & Stephanie Copeland | Puerto Rico
Patrick & Kami Gimenez | West Indies
Bob & Mary Johnston | Haiti
Jason & Heather Lowe | The Bahamas

Will & Holly Dassow | Missionary Relief
George & Barbara Zarris | Christian Radio International
Toru & Robin Marshall | N.O.W. Ministries

Park Meadows also supports other missionaries that are serving in politically sensitive countries. To protect their anonymity we do not list their names. Please pray especially for these missionaries and their families as they serve in these fields.


If you are a  missionary looking to gain support from us, please download our Missionary Questionnaire:
PDF (249 KB)   |   DOC (2.95 MB)